Transactions and Reports


Transactions and Reports


Our Correspondent Gateway provides a comprehensive set of transaction options along with integrated pass-through payments, messages, statements and reports that are provided through the Federal Reserve system.

Options include:

  • Custom and user-controlled interface and dashboard
  • Complete ACH origination, warehousing and recurring schedules
  • Integrated originator risk monitoring and management
  • Incoming ACH receipt and derived returns and NOCs
  • Domestic Wires in real-time
  • In-bound wires and activity reports
  • FR-ETA
  • International and FX wires with integrated rates
  • Integrated OFAC scanning and reporting
  • Account Inquiry and balance reporting
  • Real-time account balance management
  • Fed funds management including automated sweeps and Daylight Overdraft
  • Foreign and domestic currency orders
  • Transaction based email notifications
  • Intuitive and custom Vault Cash management
  • Large Returns Notifications
  • ICL check adjustments
  • ICL check returns
  • ICL Return Receipt PDF conversion
  • Account-to-account and in-network transfers
  • Dynamic report file parse and delivery
  • Integrated secure file transmission and management
  • Dynamic and editable forms for misc data input
  • Credit card payments and reporting
  • Loan payments and advances
  • Full pass-through processing for all Federal Reserve transactions, Image Cash Letter and OnWe┬« Network exchange service
  • 365 days of online activity reporting
  • Long-term transaction and reporting archive options
  • Examiner happy audit trails and logging of all activity

Live Wire

The Live Wire service provides a messaging interface to the Federal Reserve for real-time validation and transmission of wire transfers. Available funds are automatically verified and transmission confirmations are received within seconds of the wire order being placed providing your wire department with streamlined operations and full visibility of exceptions as they happen.

Key Features:

  • Start-to-Finish processing status
  • FI "watch list" monitoring
  • Immediate activity and balance reporting
  • Duplicate wire detection
  • Fed account balance monitored
  • Supports domestic and US dollar international wires

ACH Advance

LT provides full automated transmission of originated and received ACH files. By utilizing LT's direct connection with the Fed, you have the option to extend origination deadlines past your normal business hours as well as the convenience of freeing up staff previously tasked to manually download and monitor ACH transmissions.

Key Features:

  • Automated delivery of receipt files
  • Extended ACH file deadline processing transmission confirmations
  • Full activity reporting
  • Exception management

ACH Risk Management

A value-added solution, our ACH Risk Management is designed to help you and your customer institutions manage the risks associated with offering a robust ACH origination service. Our ACH Risk Management platform is fully integrated with our Correspondent Gateway, enhancing your ability to monitor and manage ACH origination limit exceptions with real-time notifications before the transactions have been sent for processing.

Risk Management includes:

  • Real-time notifications of exceptions and over-limit conditions
  • Detailed transaction reports
  • Monitoring of daily ACH return activity
  • Establishment of credit and debit caps by customer

Scheduled ACH

LT makes scheduling, initiating and managing recurring ACH transactions easy for your community institution customers. Once an ACH file has been created, it can be scheduled as a recurring transaction and automatically transmitted for processing on the appropriate dates setup by your customer. Schedules can be modified as needed and holidays can easily be planned around.


  • Reduce timing errors
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Reduces manual processes
  • Simplifies transaction processing schedules

File Transfer Service

An important component of LT's Correspondent Gateway is the ability to move mission critical data securely between the correspondent and their customer financial institution. LT's File Transfer service (FT) is an integrated bi-directional transmission platform designed for moving bulk files, related transactional data and messages between thousands of institutions. FT provides guaranteed delivery of files between an unlimited number of internal and external endpoints and organizations.


  • Transfer activity logs
  • Transmission encryption
  • File transfer validation
  • Email notifications
  • Complete security control
  • Guaranteed file delivery


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