Structure of Services


LT offers the only fully integrated
4 tier system in the industry.

  1. Payments initiated at the business (retail) level will process directly with their community bank or credit union.
  2. Payments are then viewed, approved and delivered to the correspondent institution.
  3. Based on the payment type, the Correspondent either clears and settles or LT delivers the payments upstream for processing.
  4. Everything is tracked, audited and accounted for at all levels of the delivery and processing chain.
Structure of Services


LT is committed to our customers as a dependable and secure Software as a Service (Saas) provider that is focused on minimizing risk, increasing value, maintaining service availability and safeguarding customer privacy…

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LT Business Suite


Provide your business customers with the tools they need to generate, validate and transmit ACH or Wire transfers from a secure, online platform that is branded in your community bank or credit union likeness.