Travelex Global Business Payments and LT Partner to Deliver Integrated Electronic Payments

WASHINGTON, D.C. - AUGUST 10, 2011 - Travelex Global Business Payments, Inc. (“Travelex”), the world’s leading cross-border payments specialist, and (“LT”), the premier third-party service provider to correspondent financial institutions, today announced a partnership to facilitate international electronic payments solutions, on a customized online platform.

The relationship enables correspondent financial institutions using LT’s Correspondent Gateway to provide cost-effective, reliable and timely international payment services to their members and customers through the Travelex GEO global clearing network. Mutual customers will be able to provide all correspondent banking services, including international payments, in a single, secure and intuitive online system with their custom brand.

“Integrating our Correspondent Gateway with Travelex generates a unique opportunity to extend consolidated foreign payments solutions to our existing customers and other correspondent FI’s with a focus on international transactions,” said Jon Budd, Senior Vice President of Sales at “We consider our relationship with Travelex to be a very valuable partnership and a significant strategic opportunity moving forward.”

The combination of LT and Travelex services will result in:

  • Streamlined, straight-through payment processing that is quick, convenient and cost effective.
  • Reduced errors through the elimination of manual re-keying of payments processed on the Travelex and LT online platform.
  • Consolidated transaction reporting that simplifies current day and historical research.

“Providing cost-effective, reliable and timely international payment services is a necessity to our clients, and we are constantly aiming to evolve in response to their needs,” said Matthew Lewis, Director of Partnerships for Travelex. “LT’s Correspondent Gateway delivers the advanced security to our joint clients to ensure the safety of their international transactions, while enhancing our current processes of error reduction, transmission efficiency and consolidated reporting.”

About Travelex Global Business Payments
Travelex is a global foreign exchange specialist providing the payment and receipt of domestic and international funds for businesses of all sizes. For more than 30 years, Travelex has provided clients with sophisticated market knowledge, leading edge technologies and practical and innovative solutions tailored to individual requirements.

Every year, Travelex processes payments around the world for over 35,000 businesses to one million beneficiaries.

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