Correspondent Gateway


Correspondent Gateway


LT's Correspondent Gateway combines multiple payment transactions, reporting and account-based services into one online full-service platform, thereby streamlining your customer’s service experience.

Integrated services include:

  • Complete transaction, account management and reporting
  • OnWe Network® transmit, sort, deliver and settle
  • Administration and Risk Management

Our platform is customized to meet specific needs of each correspondent FI, so you can develop a unique product offering that distinguishes you from the competition.

Correspondent Institution Benefits:

  • Emphasize your competitive strengths
  • Simplified operations and increased efficiency
  • Offer a comprehensive solution built for FI's not businesses
  • Focus on customers and members versus technology

Community Institution Benefits:

  • Single online interface for all correspondent business needs
  • Consolidate settlement accounts and leverage funds
  • Opportunity to offer integrated services to business customers
  • Single source for support and accountability
  • Save money by eliminating unnecessary applications


LT is committed to our customers as a dependable and secure Software as a Service (Saas) provider that is focused on minimizing risk, increasing value, maintaining service availability and safeguarding customer privacy…

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LT Business Suite


Provide your business customers with the tools they need to generate, validate and transmit ACH or Wire transfers from a secure, online platform that is branded in your community bank or credit union likeness.