Business Quick Connect


Business Quick Connect


LT's Business Quick Connect Service is a user-friendly application that enables financial institutions to offer basic cash management services to their business customers. This cost efficient service includes the ability to generate, import, validate and approve ACH and wire transactions, with additional communication and complete reporting capabilities. Features of LT's Business Quick Connect Service:

  • No software to install or maintain
  • Email notifications alert customers
  • Access to multiple reports
  • Integrates with the Correspondent Gateway for seamless transaction management
  • Modular; only buy the services you need
  • Complete administrative management console
  • OFAC scan integration
  • Direct support from LT
  • Biometric authentication available

Benefits to the Community Institution:

  • Affordable
  • Expand business market reach
  • Easy to support and maintain
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Increase revenue opportunities
  • Expand services
  • Enhance business relationships

Benefits to the Correspondent Institution

  • Enhance relationship with your customer FI
  • Increase transaction volume
  • Increase revenue opportunities
  • Integration with your Correspondent Gateway eases operational processes


LT is committed to our customers as a dependable and secure Software as a Service (Saas) provider that is focused on minimizing risk, increasing value, maintaining service availability and safeguarding customer privacy…

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LT Business Suite


Provide your business customers with the tools they need to generate, validate and transmit ACH or Wire transfers from a secure, online platform that is branded in your community bank or credit union likeness.