Total Control & Customer Communication


Total Control & Customer Communication


One of the most powerful functions of any LT system is the administrative portal, where you have complete control. By allowing you to monitor all activity, control access, and run a variety of reports, the administrative portal provides the convenience of auditing and fraud prevention in an all-inclusive console. You manage when each user can access the system and control each specific level of access by transaction type and dollar amount. Additionally, you have the ability to post information to communicate and promote your services directly and securely to your customer base.

We won't give away all of our secrets on our Administration Portal. Simply put, it is the most powerful and all-encompassing administrative console you can have at your fingertips to manage your correspondent operation.

Multi-factor Authentication

To provide the needed protection of your system, we offer state-of-the-art biometric authentication to help guard your customers from unauthorized access. Unlike tokens or smart-cards, biometric security utilizes credentials that are carried with the user at all times. Physical characteristics like fingerprints cannot be forgotten, borrowed, copied or stolen. LT's biometric security is simply the most secure method of multi-factor authentication available today. It simultaneously increases security, helps you stay in compliance and is easy to use.

Optional SSO integration available.


LT is committed to our customers as a dependable and secure Software as a Service (Saas) provider that is focused on minimizing risk, increasing value, maintaining service availability and safeguarding customer privacy…

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LT Business Suite


Provide your business customers with the tools they need to generate, validate and transmit ACH or Wire transfers from a secure, online platform that is branded in your community bank or credit union likeness.